Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Button

I love buttons! of all kinds.  In fact I just ordered a set of wooden buttons from a lady on etsy and she is clear over in Taiwan.  Crazy, I know!  But I also love buttons from other blogs and if you look down the right side of your screen you will notice a new button! (yeah!)  This one is for no big dill.  I personally am super excited for this one! For all of you out there who read children's books on a regular basis you should enjoy this.  She is going to have guest bloggers and also some of her readers (who choose to do so) are going to be posting things inspired by children's books!  Even if I don't put anything up on her site I will still be checking her out on a regular basis just to see what fun things everyone comes up with.  Besides, lots of the bloggers she will be having as guests are blogs I love to read as well!  So, go on over and check her out just by clicking right on the button that says "once upon a thread".  You won't be sorry!

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