Friday, February 18, 2011

Something to Miss

Everyday when I walk out my front door, or sit in my back yard, or look out my bedroom window this is what I get to see.  Now, not everyday do they look like this but here lately they do.  That is snow laying up there in a thick cloud, you can not even see the very top of the mountain.  In the summer I get to see lots of green and in the fall I get to see lots of golds and red.  It is beautiful year round and I will have to say this is something I will miss seeing on a daily basis.  These mountains have taught me a new found love for the outdoors.  That is not something I ever thought I would say as I grew up on the plains and I love the wide open spaces.  I lived in Ft Collins, CO for awhile and there are of course mountains there but even then I still loved the plains more than I loved the mountains.  But after living here for 4 years and loving just about every minute of it I can now say that I am a lover of both.  I don't know if I will ever love any other mountains than the beautiful Wind Rivers but for now that is enough. 

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  1. Well said. It is a special place on the planet for sure.