Sunday, August 25, 2013


There is a park in Cheyenne where Scarlett and Aurelia live.  This park is full of things that other parks don't have like water you can get in, and a bridge that moves by the force of little hands pulling it back and forth, a cool fort with benches and tables in it, tipis with drums, a windmill that runs water from the pond up a hill and out spouts down the rocks and back into the pond...
We made it there once while we were there this summer.  We spent three weeks in Cheyenne playing, working, sewing, sweating, running, screaming, sleeping, reading, walking, dancing...

Cannot get over the cuteness of this picture!

Sorry for the 4 pictures of basically the same thing, but really I couldn't decide which one I liked the best (ignore the finger in the corner)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I have spent the last 7 months without the Rooster here, the fact that we can fly this flag and walk (or ride horses) up and down the street flying this flag! 

This one is for Grandpa, 2 tractors! Yes, you saw that right, 2 tractors in 1

The pink shoes? Really? Who doesn't want to eat this little girl for lunch?!

This one basically sums it up! Cheyenne! In the state of Wyoming! The state The Rooster and I have fallen in love with and hope to get back to some day
...but mostly what we did was relax, drink coffee, and enjoy each other's company! 

Love ya Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Todd, Scarlett and Aurelia! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ash Hollow

If you have never climbed this hill you may think it is as easy as pie. You would be mistaken! 

Grandpa has more energy than all of us combined.

You can see for miiiiiles
From the top looking down

For those of us where grew up in this area of Colorado/Nebraska we most likely know about Ash Hollow and if we were in the 5th Grade Class we got to go to Ash Hollow and make a day of it.  My kids (as much as they have seen and as many places as they have been) have never been here or even knew something like this exist.  So for those of you who don't know what Ash Hollow is here is a little lesson for you:

When settlers were moving from East to West they had traveled for days and many miles to get to this point.  This was a place where they could stop and rest and replenish supplies and fix wagons and whatever else needed to be done before they headed out again to face the Rocky Mountains as they got closer to their destination.  However, there was this big hill they needed to descend before they could go on their way.  Many many many wagons came through here leaving ruts in the ground where they descended down the side of the hill. Over many years of wind and rain and natural erosion those ruts became even larger and this has become a national historical site.  There is a trail you can walk up to the top with just a couple benches along the way for those who need a break (up or down) and it is a doozy (up and down)!

Now I am sure there is more to the story than that but 5th grade was a long time ago.