Saturday, January 22, 2011

A little light listening

  • I am lovin' this song, in fact I am lovin' the whole cd
  • Can't stop listening to this song and the video is even better
  • A little change of pace when I need something different
  • Can't help myself, I must dance when I hear this tune
  • I recently purchased one of this lovely lady's prints.  In fact this is the exact one (carefree).  Just a little something of Lander to take with me when I go.
Hope you have a weekend full of dancing!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New iPad

Ladies and Gentlemen, Guess what came in the mail to today!!!!  AN iPAD!  That's right, I now own an iPad.  No, I am not posting from it.
Now you are probably wondering what I will be doing with this nice, new, shiny piece of electronics?  Well, I will be downloading my text books to it so that I will be able to do school work any where instead of just at the desk.
And I would just like to say that this is the cutest little adapter I have seen so far.  For any of you out there with a MacBook of any kind you know what I am talking about!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Buckamoo Girls

For Christmas this year Ruby got the book Buckamoo Girls by Ellen A. Kelley.  This has to be one of the best children's books of all time.  We have been reading it a lot!! To say the least. 
So what has Ruby been doing?  Why, being a buckamoo girl of course!
Now, I would say that is talent - she came riding into my room today just like this, her horse must be well trained. 
That, or he came of his own volition seeking my help.  Can you imagine, he was probably not getting much air, what with his neck being clenched for dear life between those thighs!

Friday, January 7, 2011

In the Kitchen

What is this you ask? It is a fried egg sandwich! This is what we had for supper last night. 5:30 rolled around and for some reason this mama hen had lost total track of time.  West rolls in here and leans on me and says "Mama, I'm hungry."  So we think of something quick.  West is big on sandwiches, he loves just about any kind; loaded with meat, no meat, lots of lettuce, spicy mustard, cilantro (yes, cilantro), toasted, not toasted, mama's bread, store bought bread.  So, of course his idea is a sandwich of some kind.  He knows we have left-over biscuits from last night and so he thinks maybe that with some mustard and mayo and turkey and lettuce.  I think an egg would be pretty good on top of that biscuit.  So then he wants both, a fried egg and a sandwich made on that biscuit.
So, by the time things are all said and done and we are sitting down to our meal Ruby, who isn't a big fan of sandwiches herself, has a piece of toast with a fried egg, West has a fried egg sandwich with a biscuit on the side, and I have this - a fried egg sandwich on toast.  I love fried egg sandwiches.  They are so good for you and so tasty.  I am making mine and I am wishing for a little fresh lettuce from the garden and a nice ripe warm tomato from the garden, but alas, it is not that time of year so I simply put mayo and some spicy mustard on the toast, add a little mozzarella cheese on top of the egg so it will melt a little bit, a small amount of chili to add a little spice and voila, there you have it!
Hope you enjoy your eggs as much as we do ours!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plumb Tuckered Out

As mentioned before West and Ruby were exhausted by the end of our trip to Denver.  The last day was kind of spent in a fog for them, poor little babies.  But thankfully Nana doesn't own a small animal. 
This giant of a pillow is named Fezzik, or Fez for short.  He was named after a character in "The Princes Bride" which we all love (I know you do, don't deny it).  Fez is not really allowed on the couch anymore as I understand it.  However, West is used to cuddling up with Kali at home when he is super tired and she wasn't there.  So, he invited Fezzik up, much to Fezzik's great delight. 
The couch they are sitting on is really only big enough for Fezzik if he were to lay down, but with West up there with him (and West was the one who invited him up after all, how could Fezzik kick him off when he was so kind as to invite him up?!) he literally had to sit on his hind-quarters.  He is sitting like a human would sit on a couch, his hind legs are pushed out in front and would be hanging off the edge if he were facing the right direction. 
I find it rather amusing that this big giant of a dog with his big floppy ears and big floppy lips is sitting on the couch, knowing he is not supposed to be up there, and yet sitting in what has to be the most uncomfortable position for him to sit in, just so the little boy who invited him up could have enough room to lounge there against him. 
And how could West resist really, he is part dog after-all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ridin' the Range

Nana (shown above) has a horse named Sam.  He is a giant of a horse, towering over all the other horses in the barn, with these huge feet.  While in Denver we had to go see him, and not only that, the kids got to ride him!
(Yes, that is West but the only safety helmet they had in his size was pink so that is what he wore!)  
Both kids got to take turns sitting on his back while someone walked around the arena leading Sam.  Around and around they went loving every minute of it!

When not taking their turn they spent their time petting the dog, watching the other horses, getting a few squeezes, and yes, Ruby figured out this fence was easier to climb than the one we have at our house.  Both kids proclaimed they now need some cowboy boots to add to their attire! I am betting that can be arranged as we do live in Wyoming after-all. 
I think Sam was the highlight of the trip for these two young chickens!  They haven't stopped talking about him since we pulled away from the barn!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Feeling Rather Cornered

This past week we spent a few days in Denver with the Rooster's side of the family. 
We are avid travel channel, food network, and science channel watchers in this house.  My 4 year old son even has the discovery channel programed into his remote for his tv so he can watch it at his leisure!  His favorite show right now is Gold Rush and can't wait for the new ones to come back on.  Thankfully they start again soon!
So while in Denver the Rooster wanted to go to a restaurant that both the travel channel and the food network have been to and mentioned: The Buckhorn Exchange.
It is the oldest restaurant/bar in Colorado, opening it's doors in 1893.  We noticed on the wall the liquor license was numbered as #1.  The building was very old and very fun to look around in.  It was filled with lot's of animals that had been stuffed and mounted on the walls.  Not just elk and deer either, but foreign animals as well.  Their collection has to be one of the biggest ones out there.  It was very impressive, and it is rumored they have fixed a dish from each of the animals on their walls.  That's saying something since some of the animals I didn't even recognize.
Now the food was pretty good, I wouldn't say it was the best I have tasted, especially for the money that was spent on it, but it was tasty all the same.  But the highlight of the food had to be the dessert!! It was an apple crumb pie with raisin rum sauce and vanilla ice cream on top.  The Rooster and I shared one and I have to admit, I wanted to lick my plate when it was gone.  I will most definitely trying a raisin rum sauce here at the house to see if I can get the same kind of results.
However, the highlight for the kids (as they were very tired by this point and really just wanted to lay down and fought us through the whole meal) was the animals and wouldn't you know it, we got sat in the corner and this is what we were sat under -
If I looked straight up this is what I saw! I would have taken a lot more pictures but of course, I forgot my camera at home so alas, only had my phone. 
So, if anyone else has been to the famed Buckhorn Exchange in downtown Denver and has some pictures, please share so the rest of us can enjoy what you sat next to!