About Me

I moved to a town four years ago in the middle of the Wind River range of the Rocky Mountains in the middle of Wyoming.  It's a small town of about 6,000 people and unlike any other town I have ever lived in.  It is not what most people would consider your typical Wyoming town by any means.  One of the big employers here is NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School).  So because of this there are lots of people here who love the land and want to preserve it and take care of it.  I have learned lots of things from this town and it's people but I will have to say the two big ones for me have been living sustainably and slow living.  This is something that has become very important to me.
Now that my husband will be going back to active-duty Army I am faced with the dilemma of how to continue living this way in what will soon be our life where everything is temporary.  When looking at the military life what I see is temporary: temporary house, temporary town, temporary people, temporary schools, temporary job.  We are basically at the mercy of the military for the next three years.  This almost seems like an oxymoron to me in a way.
So my goal for the next three years is to take this temporary life we will be living and turn it into a sustainable slow way of life.