Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Girl's Nighty

So the other day I was cleaning out my closet as we will be moving soon and there are some things I am trying to purge before the actual packing process gets started and I happened across these little beauties.
This is a 100% cotton under shirt that I was given to help try to keep me warm in the cold of winter.  They worked well for about the first two times I wore them and then they shrank so bad they were just uncomfortable, and they rode up something fierce!  So I deemed them trash-worthy.  However, as they laid there on my bed while I was going through all sorts of other things in my closet I realized they  might be just perfect for my little girl.  I was right!  So I went about figuring out how to go about making them fit me (rather snugly) to fitting her well enough for her to sleep in.
I started the process by simply cutting the straps off ...
and sewing them together with a zig-zag stitch.  I did over lap the ends so it would lay flat as the seam would sit on the front of the shoulder rather than the top.  Because of this I ended up sewing down two open seams on each strap, if you look really closely you will see my two seams.
Then I sewed an applique on and there you have it! 

So far I have two of the appliques done, a cute little chicken and a bird.  There is a third shirt that I have yet to get done since ... well you know how things happen!  Ruby claims she wants an owl on the last one. 
I also put a little pink strip of ribbon that I tied in a knot on the back so she knows when she is putting it over her head if she has it on the right way or not. 
So if you have an old undershirt that you no longer wear and you have a little girl who likes to wear nighties to bed you can now do it yourself!


  1. That looks so comfortable and summery! Love the chicken applique the best!

  2. Now if I could find some linen I would attempt one out of that!