Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Day at Holbrook

Last Saturday Ruby deemed it another day good for picnicking. The weather was perfect for it and after the heat and humidity we have been having over the past few months we needed to get out and enjoy the weather/outdoors.  People in the north get cabin fever in the winter, heck I've gotten it myself! No one ever warned me about cabin fever in the south though.  Cabin fever down here consists of summer time though, not winter.  The sun may be up and out but it is so hot you don't go outside, and when the sun does start to go down at the end of the day there are so many bugs out you have to wear armor protection just so you don't get carried off.  Might I add just because the sun went down it does not mean it has cooled off in the least.

So when the weather presented itself last Saturday and we figured we wouldn't melt we grabbed at the opportunity! We packed our basket and grabbed our blanket and sent a message to a neighbor to see if they wanted to join us out at Holbrook Pond.  Sometimes a picnic with just me and the kids is good, sometimes a body wants other adults to converse with.

We spent a good few hours there playing and chatting and snacking and after our friends left I laid in the sun and the kids ran and played and danced off all of their summer cabin fever.
It was a good day, it was a beautiful day, it's days like these that make me realize living here isn't as bad as it could be.  It isn't Wyoming, but for now it is home.