Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ridin' the Range

Nana (shown above) has a horse named Sam.  He is a giant of a horse, towering over all the other horses in the barn, with these huge feet.  While in Denver we had to go see him, and not only that, the kids got to ride him!
(Yes, that is West but the only safety helmet they had in his size was pink so that is what he wore!)  
Both kids got to take turns sitting on his back while someone walked around the arena leading Sam.  Around and around they went loving every minute of it!

When not taking their turn they spent their time petting the dog, watching the other horses, getting a few squeezes, and yes, Ruby figured out this fence was easier to climb than the one we have at our house.  Both kids proclaimed they now need some cowboy boots to add to their attire! I am betting that can be arranged as we do live in Wyoming after-all. 
I think Sam was the highlight of the trip for these two young chickens!  They haven't stopped talking about him since we pulled away from the barn!

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