Monday, January 3, 2011

Feeling Rather Cornered

This past week we spent a few days in Denver with the Rooster's side of the family. 
We are avid travel channel, food network, and science channel watchers in this house.  My 4 year old son even has the discovery channel programed into his remote for his tv so he can watch it at his leisure!  His favorite show right now is Gold Rush and can't wait for the new ones to come back on.  Thankfully they start again soon!
So while in Denver the Rooster wanted to go to a restaurant that both the travel channel and the food network have been to and mentioned: The Buckhorn Exchange.
It is the oldest restaurant/bar in Colorado, opening it's doors in 1893.  We noticed on the wall the liquor license was numbered as #1.  The building was very old and very fun to look around in.  It was filled with lot's of animals that had been stuffed and mounted on the walls.  Not just elk and deer either, but foreign animals as well.  Their collection has to be one of the biggest ones out there.  It was very impressive, and it is rumored they have fixed a dish from each of the animals on their walls.  That's saying something since some of the animals I didn't even recognize.
Now the food was pretty good, I wouldn't say it was the best I have tasted, especially for the money that was spent on it, but it was tasty all the same.  But the highlight of the food had to be the dessert!! It was an apple crumb pie with raisin rum sauce and vanilla ice cream on top.  The Rooster and I shared one and I have to admit, I wanted to lick my plate when it was gone.  I will most definitely trying a raisin rum sauce here at the house to see if I can get the same kind of results.
However, the highlight for the kids (as they were very tired by this point and really just wanted to lay down and fought us through the whole meal) was the animals and wouldn't you know it, we got sat in the corner and this is what we were sat under -
If I looked straight up this is what I saw! I would have taken a lot more pictures but of course, I forgot my camera at home so alas, only had my phone. 
So, if anyone else has been to the famed Buckhorn Exchange in downtown Denver and has some pictures, please share so the rest of us can enjoy what you sat next to!

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