Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plumb Tuckered Out

As mentioned before West and Ruby were exhausted by the end of our trip to Denver.  The last day was kind of spent in a fog for them, poor little babies.  But thankfully Nana doesn't own a small animal. 
This giant of a pillow is named Fezzik, or Fez for short.  He was named after a character in "The Princes Bride" which we all love (I know you do, don't deny it).  Fez is not really allowed on the couch anymore as I understand it.  However, West is used to cuddling up with Kali at home when he is super tired and she wasn't there.  So, he invited Fezzik up, much to Fezzik's great delight. 
The couch they are sitting on is really only big enough for Fezzik if he were to lay down, but with West up there with him (and West was the one who invited him up after all, how could Fezzik kick him off when he was so kind as to invite him up?!) he literally had to sit on his hind-quarters.  He is sitting like a human would sit on a couch, his hind legs are pushed out in front and would be hanging off the edge if he were facing the right direction. 
I find it rather amusing that this big giant of a dog with his big floppy ears and big floppy lips is sitting on the couch, knowing he is not supposed to be up there, and yet sitting in what has to be the most uncomfortable position for him to sit in, just so the little boy who invited him up could have enough room to lounge there against him. 
And how could West resist really, he is part dog after-all!

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  1. These pictures are HILARIOUS!!!!! That dog looks like a character!