Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Military Award

Do all of you remember back in July when the Rooster decided that he was going to re-enlist for three more years for the Army Reserves (what is now going to be active duty)?  At the time the military was not offering any kind of incentive for people to re-up so what did he get you ask?  He got a bag and a check on the wall at the Reserve Unit that said $0!  Yes, you read that right.  Because he did this, re-uped without an incentive, someone thought it was something special.  I would have to agree with them. 
This month for Reserves was the Unit's Christmas party so we got to go since we are his family.  Before we all sat down they decided to give out a few promotions and a couple of awards.  One of them was to the Rooster!

This is a General's Coin, an award that is not given out very often and my husband, the rooster of this hen house, now has one!  This mama hen couldn't be prouder of her rooster!  Way To Go!

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