Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ridin' the Trail

Scarlett, my niece, LOVES horses!  For a long time whenever she saw one she would yell "YeeHaw!" She wanted to ride everyone she saw (even if it was a giant horse on the top of a building).
We happen to have a great stick horse in West's collection of toys.  It has reigns and makes galloping noises and used to make a neighing sound until that one got broken.  This horse has been ridden many a mile in this house.  He still loves to get out of the barn and go for a run but just doesn't get out as often as he used to, so he sits patiently in his stable until someone decides it would be fun once again to take him out and ride him across that open prairie.
Last week Scarlett found that old horse in West's closet and once again he was running free for the whole week!  He was having the time of his life ... until Scarlett saw two lonely travelers and decided it would be the kind thing to do to give them a ride to where they were going.

The trail can be long and dusty after all!
Poor thing had no idea what he was getting himself into, I am sure he was thankful for his stable and a few oats after that ride.