Monday, December 13, 2010

Uncle Rooster!

This past week we had two lovely guests at our house.  Aunt Elizabeth and her darling daughter Scarlett!  I always love to watch the Rooster with kids, he always seems to enjoy himself immensely and they seem to take to him pretty well too.  Scarlett is two and we all know how hard some adults have to work to make friends with a child that age, especially if you don't see them all the time.  Uncle Rooster has not seen Scarlett for quite awhile so it was interesting and fun to watch her warm up to him rather quickly.  She climbed up onto the couch with him to snuggle into his armpit (Ruby's favorite place to be), wanted him to read her books, they played trains for hours it seemed like and Uncle Rooster loved every minute of it, as did she!  One of the things they did was brush each other's hair; yes she is a little girl and even West loves this activity, much to my enjoyment most of the time as he is usually brushing my hair.
Then brushing became something a little more ...

 Oh, the fun of getting your hair done!

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