Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monday and Thursday Mornings

What is our latest and greatest outing these days you ask?
Well swimming of course!
I was nervous about Ruby since she likes to dive out of my arms when swimming with me and thinks she can do it all on her own even thought she sinks over and over every time I let go of her; but in the end there was nothing for me to worry about.  They both love the teacher and for that half an hour every Monday and Thursday morning at 10 they become little fish splashing, and swimming, and laughing, and diving all while learning a little bit more everyday about how to swim.  They are loving it, especially Ruby.  She was up at 6 this morning ready to go, and crestfallen when I told her we still had 4 hours until it was time to go!
I will definitely need to find swimming lessons when we get to where the Army sends us, no doubt about it!

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