Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Snowing in These-Here Parts of the Country

It was a rather late night for me last night, and because of this as I finally lay in bed looking out the window that is above me I noticed a sight that could be rather strange to those of you who don't live in snow country, but one that is quite beautiful to me and one that I look forward to every year - the sky, in the middle of the night had become very bright.  It was of course snow coming in and all the lights of the town reflecting off of it giving the illusion of light in the middle of the night.
Of course the first thing West had to do was get his snow shovel out and shovel all the walks for us, which is great since that way I didn't have to do it; but then if I had waited about 20 minutes it would have just melted off for us anyway.  But what the heck, my 4 year old boy is a "workin' boy" and needs to work.  So, before I even had my clothes on I pulled my shoes on and trudged out to the shed and got his snow shovel for him so he could get to work before Ruby had to get on the bus. 
As I took Ruby out to the bus I looked down the street at the mountain and the picture above is what I saw.  There is a lot of snow up there!  It does a nice job of making that mountain even more beautiful than it was yesterday.
That first snow of the season: it almost feels like a breath of fresh air, like we can all finally take a deep breath for the fist time in awhile.  We all just wanted to be out in the cool crisp air today soaking it in.  And to top that off, I know tonight this town will smell of burning fires in fire places, one of my favorite things about this town.
Hope you all enjoyed your fist snow of the season if you were as blessed as we were today!

What makes you feel like you can finally take a deep cleansing breath of fresh air?

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