Saturday, January 19, 2013


We have worms!

Or to be more precise, we have Red Wigglers.  These little wiggly things are working hard turning my compost into wonderful plant growing dirt.
Or that's the idea and the hope in any case!

We have never done this before so we are definitely still learning, but it is a lot of fun to say the least.  Even the kids are having fun doing it.  We are keeping them in the shed for now until it really starts to warm up and we can get a lid for our container so the neighborhood cats don't get into it.

We started them off in the bucket on the left, but by the time we got some food for them to eat on, some sand to help them digest, and some dirt to help keep them warm while they are working the bucket was already half full.  We thought maybe they needed some more room to spread out.  There are 100 of them in there after all.
So a friend of mine happened to have the container on the right she needed to get rid of so we took it off her hands!
Much better if I do say so myself!  I just hope they worms like it!

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  1. Do you ever wonder how something like those worms can dive into a pile of scrappy food, eat it and it comes out the other end, dirt? They don't have any teeth. What do they have in there that makes that all work? M