Friday, January 25, 2013


About 2 days in

About 3 days in

Laying out to dry

We have sprouts!

I have wanted to try growing sprouts for a long time, in fact I received 3 bags of sprouts to start for Christmas LAST year.  Then life got in the way and they got put in the back corner and just here recently I discovered them again.  I looked online how to grow sprouts (you know? youtubed it!)  and I have to say I was a bit intimidated.  Everyone seemed to have their own way of doing it, some say you have to soak them this long or this long, some say you have to rinse them this amount of times per day or not...
I felt overwhelmed, not really sure where to start really.  I knew it was easy, I just had to get past that first step.
So I shut off the internet and walked away.  I knew I needed a jar and I needed a screen of some sort to keep in the top of the jar for easy rinsing and draining.  I have seen jars and kits for sale at the local Health Food's Store (for upwards of $20) and knew what I needed and also knew I could make it for less at home if I could just find the right stuff.  I looked around at Lowe's, thought maybe I could get a screen patch and use that but didn't want to spend that much money.  I came home and thought about it for a few days.  I looked one more time on the internet looking for benefits of eating sprouts, how to eat them and recipes and things.  I remembered I had cheese cloth from making yogurt cheese awhile ago and thought that would work perfectly!  I was right.  I have the jars, I have the round part of the lid and so I just cut a square big enough to cover the top of the jar and put the lid on!  I looked at the front of the bag the sprouts came in and there were directions right there telling me how long to soak them for, how many times to rinse them in a day, and how long until they are ready.
I did all three of the ones got: Adzuki Beans, Broccoli, and a Spice Mix from Territorial Seeds.
This one just happens to be the ones that sprouted the fastest.  This one is the Spicy Mix.
They are pretty cool, they start as this little tiny bit in the bottom of the jar and over the course of a soaking, a few days of rinsing and draining and letting them sit they start to FILL the jar.
I am currently waiting for the other 2 to be ready to eat, they are coming along but need a couple more days.

Adzuki Beans

Can't wait to try these too!

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