Tuesday, June 21, 2011

West and Kali

It is spring time summer time, here in our part of Wyoming.  The birds are eating the food out of our feeder almost faster than we can keep it filled, the grass seems like it needs mowed every other day, the kids have long since forgotten their pants and jackets (although we still need both on some occasion), our bikes are being used more often than the car to go up town, the kids are needing daily baths from all the dirt and things they get into outside, we are sleeping with the windows open, and Kali is shedding fur like no other.  She is a lab with some chow mixed in there as well so she has this coat of fur that is nice and thick with this incredible under-coat.  But when the weather changes that fur ends up all over my house.  So West has decided this year it is his job to keep her brushed on a regular basis.  This mama hen couldn't be happier!  I think this first picture is my favorite of them all, doesn't she just look like it feels sooo good!?

1 comment:

  1. I love his salon! Kali looks like one satisfied customer!