Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I love spring!  Here in my part of Wyoming the winter seems to just drag on forever.  But when it finally starts to come to an end (and we still aren't quite at the end yet) some of the best things start happening:
  • warmer days
  • longer hours of the sun shining
  • kids playing outside
  • green grass
  • birds in bird feeders and bird baths
  • bikes
  • skirts
  • no more coats (but still occasionally needing jackets or sweaters)
  • dirt between my fingers
  • the park
  • picnics
  • all the colors 
  • sleeping with the windows open
  • coffee on the porch
So here's to new life and exciting things to come - may this sprout remind you of all the things you love about spring in your neck of the woods!

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