Monday, May 9, 2011

Gardening in the Army

Here is a picture of my garden!  I have been anticipating a move of some sort since last August so I have in one way or another been planning to not have a huge garden, if one at all.  Then when the Rooster found out what his new job would be (known as an MOS in the Army) we found out we might be moving to Texas just temporarily for him to finish his training and then on to somewhere else to his duty of station.  So I had at that time thought I would at the very least have a small garden that could produce at least the bare essentials for our family.  I wasn't expecting anything too grand or glorious, most likely it would have been all in pots of some sort.  Then we got the news that they were changing his MOS again and he would be going to a different base to do training there and this would only be for three months so the kids and I would not be going. 
So I had started planning on using the bed the Rooster had built last year to plant a few things that are all cold weather items so we could have a small crop before we would be moving at the end of the summer.  I added a little bit of dirt to this one since the kids have been using it as a construction sight all winter and so a lot of the dirt had been moved to the other bed or into the yard some where.  I then smoothed it out and decided on what exactly I would be planting, went down to get a few more seeds from our local Gated Garden and came home to plot out where everything would be planted. 
Then on Friday afternoon I find out they might, just might, be giving him his old MOS back.  This means we would be moving sooner rather than later since he would not need to do any training.  This of course also means the garden would not be happening here, again.  However, we won't be finding out definite things until Monday, which seems to be the magic day around those parts where the Rooster is. 
All this waiting just feels like nothing but waiting on Monday to roll around again!  In fact I have now been waiting for 9 months worth of Mondays.
I am hoping this Monday brings us good news!

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  1. I hope Monday brings good news as well (today?) I also need to get my own garden going! Thanks for reminding me ;)!