Saturday, November 13, 2010

On My Sewing Table

What is this pile of deliciousness you ask?  These are piles of the beginnings of luscious! scarves.
I work part time for a lady here in lovely Lander, WY who works out of her home making and selling articles of clothing and blankets and bibs for wee little ones.  She is none other than Blair, the owner of Mountain Aven Baby.  She sells all of her wares on etsy (a HUGE online craft fair).  She does do a couple of things for the adults too, a few bags here and there, and this wonderful pile of fabric you see which will soon be turned into scarves.  The backs of these scarves is not your normal chenille as you might expect, no, these babies are backed in what is affectionately known as minky.  It is the kind of fabric you could just wrap yourself up in from head to toe.  So this lovely eye-candy you see above is only half of what you get when you order one of these.
So, go check her out and see what you can't live without!  Because we all know Christmas is coming up and there is no better way to give something hand-made (if you can't make it yourself) than to go to Mountain Aven Baby and order up some hand-made goodness!
Then check back after the weekend for the tutorial on making a reusable grocery bag which we are all going to be wrapping our gifts in this year!
Happy Weekending!


  1. I put a scarf like that on my Christmas wish-list for Mary!

  2. Ooh La La...I've been stalking her etsy site wondering if she was going to put up new colors for scarves! I love the colors you are working with...