Monday, November 22, 2010

Firefighters at Work

My son has been telling me lately that when he grows up what he would love to be is a rescue helicopter pilot.  In the mean time however he will settle for pretending!
One of the ways he pretends is by getting out his firetruck and driving it all over and hauling things out of "quicksand," making VERY loud siren noises, and putting out fires that happen to me on Mama's pant leg (yes I do make a nice panicked noise if I do say so myself) and in the cupboard and things of that nature.

However this past week he managed to rope most of the family into playing with him!

(Notice the pink fire-woman's hat)
They worked long and hard here in the house.  They even managed to find Ruby her own firetruck of sorts.  Her's had a handle on the top with six little divots out of it (it used to haul little markers but I threw those out because she can't keep them on paper).  They deemed this truck as the perfect water truck.  So, her job was to push this thing around behind West just in case he might need some of that precious water. 
They even got Daddy involved although he didn't last long on the job.  He is getting old after all!

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  1. Looks like that rooster is ready for the soup pot!