Monday, May 27, 2013

Watermelon Creek Winery

Last weekend my neighbor and I and a friend went on a trip through Leisure Travel/MWR and went for a visit of this little winery just up the road a bit.  I've never been to a winery before and learned all sorts of things.  The owner was very knowledgeable and a fount of information! I learned all about legs and dry vs sweet and red versus white and smell, ate some really good food with some rather good company and drank some really good wine.  The owner talked about his family; he can trace his family back all the way to 1819 to a mother and her illegitimate son, 9 generation before him.  They had moved out to that area and settled it and if I remember correctly her son started the first Baptist church in the area that is still up and running.  The land he lives on is the land that was settle by his ancestors and has been passed from generation to generation until it reached him and his wife.  He has spent his time restoring and rebuilding and turning the place into a beautiful quiet place to enjoy yourself.  Then he started growing grapes and making wine.  He has 6 wines ranging from very dry to very sweet, 5 of which are medal winners.  My personal favorite is the Mill Pond Blush, a rather sweet wine but very tasty.

So if your ever in the Coastal Georgia area and feel like a wine tasting full of history off a back country highway head on over to Watermelon Creek Winery and enjoy the quiet and the beauty and the good wine.

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