Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

We didn't do much for Mother's Day this year. We thought about maybe going to the beach but poor West had a bit of a sunburn on his back from the day before hanging out playing in the hose all day so decided against that. So mostly we just hung around the house wasting the time away. 

We did however decide to go out to eat supper to do a bit of celebrating, even if we didn't do a lot of it. (We had wings if you couldn't tell from the picture)

And Friday the kids came home from school with little pots with flowers in them for me and they each had made a little card to go along with them. So I planted the flowers in one of my favorite pots so I can look at it while I'm sitting outside enjoying this beautiful weather we are having at the moment. 

Hope everyone else had a grand Mother's Day, or maybe just a relaxing one, but either way Happy Mother's Day

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