Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Casing of the Colors

So one of the things that happens when a Battalion deploys is they case their colors.  It is literally them putting a case on their flags that represent them as a unit.  These colors stay cased the whole time they are deployed, only to be brought out again once they have come home to us.  The 92nd Battalion had their casing of the colors about a week before they left.
Thought I would bring along my trusty iPhone to take some pictures for ya'll (I really need to make a strap for my camera, would be way more conducive to actually taking the camera with me to get some really good pictures.  A goal for when the 92nd gets back and uncases their colors huh?!)

The Rooster is second from the left...you see him? They all look alike if you don't know them!

526 is on the far right

There are 6 companies here in the 92nd.  All are deploying but 530th, they are directly to the left of the flag (they are still in ACUs while everyone else is in MulitCams)

Lowering them to be cased

The case is on and they are returning to their original postion.  I wish I would have been ready to record that whole confusingness, whoever came up with this I am thinking their brain works a little like West's!  There are 5 of them and they all do some crazy square thing and they end up facing the opposite direction having gone in like 4 different squares all at the same time while walking around each other... it's just something that needs to be seen to appreciate it.    (Oh, there are the ACUs I was talking about earlier, they are grey, not brownish/greenish)

The blue and white thing in the background is the 3rd Infantry Division's patch, that is the main Division here on Stewart.  All the flags lower and behind the soldiers represent the states and countries of the men and women who will be deploying.

It was something I have never been to before and I am glad I went.  It was fun to watch all the soldiers standing there in the cold wind trying not to move (good job by the way) HA! just kidding.  It was actually very neat and fun to watch.  Kind of sobering to know that in just a bit at that point they would be heading out for the other side of the world.
Neat to watch them all standing there representing those that would be heading out to do the jobs they all signed up for, no matter how hard it may be to do that job - for them as well as for the families they leave here in the states.  Neither job is easy but both jobs must and do get done by many.

  • So here's to those men and women who signed up to do this job! 
  • And here's to those who love and support them!

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