Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Barquentine Peacemaker

This ship has been docked in Savannah since October sometime.  They offer free tours and we finally were able to catch them when they were open.
What a fun and amazing thing to experience.  The people who run the ship actually live on it as well.  The Peacemaker is their home and their money-maker.  You can check out their web-site to see their story and see all the places they have been and why they are doing what they are doing.
They are currently docked in Savannah for the winter I believe which means we will get to see this beauty whenever we head downtown.
This is another one of those things we would not be able to see or do without the Army having sent us here, one more reason to be thankful for this venture we are one at the moment.


  1. Fabulous pictures Jessie. Love the last one too. Two sets of eyes there and right where she wants to be. M

  2. Love those pictures! I have never been on a ship!