Wednesday, October 3, 2012

House Guests

So we have a couple of little green things that I would say are living in our carport.  I see them almost every day and they don't really seem to be afraid of us, however they do seem to be afraid of the camera.  I can't ever seem to get a picture of them, I will see them, watch them to see if they are going to sit there and hang around for a bit or if they are just passing by, saying hi, and going about their business.  I have grabbed my camera so many times to try to get a picture of them to come out 30 seconds later and they be gone, and totally gone too, nowhere to be seen or found.
Then yesterday I went to get something out of my car and there he was!  This thing that has been eluding me for weeks now was right there, I almost grabbed ahold of him.  I will admit I kind of jumped and maybe gave a small shriek, but I happened to have my camera within reach and SNAP! I got him!  Isn't he cute?  He is the tiniest little thing and so bright.  I don't know what kind of frog he is but I'm glad to have him around!


  1. Great photo! Maybe he thought you were headed to the coffee shop and wanted a ride?

  2. Ha! I was actually headed to the coffee shop! I just hope he didn't fall off on the ride over!