Monday, March 5, 2012

Sedgwick County Wrestling

West has discovered actual wrestling!  He has always wrestled with anyone that would be willing to go a round with him, however since getting here he has discovered there's an actual sport dedicated to just wrestling!!  He has had so much fun going to practice learning that there are actual moves involved to pinning, and take downs, and breaking away, and shooting, and all sorts of fun things to try on his sister!
Last week at practice the coaches wanted to know who was going to the tournament on Saturday, they needed to weigh in then.  West looked at me, I said no and his shoulders slumped, his face fell, and he proceeded to do the warm up by himself, he was the only one not lined up to get weighed.  I couldn't help myself, we got him weighed and we went on Saturday!
I am so glad we did!  We both had so much fun and he did so well!!  Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mary even came up to watch him, and Ruby finally got to wear her wrestling shirt and cheer for her brother!  She has been waiting to do that since this all started.

His first match was won after a long three round hard fought battle, both boys fought to the bitter end but West managed to rack up the most points so came out the winner!
Then it was on to the championship round, and wouldn't you know it?  He was going to go at it with one of his friends.  This was not the ideal situation in my mind but he seemed fine with it.  Not ideal because they are friends, but also because this other little boy has been wrestling for 4 years and his Daddy is the head coach (eeeeekkkk).

But all turned out ok, West won second in his age and weight group!  He was a little bummed but he won a super cool medal, it wasn't a trophy, but he worked dang hard for the medal and he eventually came around to it and has then worn it everywhere he has gone!  A trophy has to just sit on the shelf at home right?!

 He has assured me he will be winning that trophy this coming weekend!

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