Thursday, February 9, 2012


  • What better to start with than a BOOM!
  • And how about a little bit from the 90's?
  • One from the Late Amy Winehouse.
  • And who can't help but laugh when listening to this one!! Don't forget the "wiggle wiggle wiggle" gentlemen!!
  • Feel the beat
  • And who doesn't need a good feeling every once in awhile?  
  • I hate to say it but boots and boys? Yes please!
  • Time for a little breather? Are you sweating yet? Try this one on for size! Just a bit of info to help out here - a ten cent pistol is (as defined by urban dictionary) Drugs (usually heroin) laced with lethal amounts of poison. Arsenic is common. Used as revenge against addicts and dealers alike
  • Now for a little Gossip because you all know you do it!
  • And this one because who hasn't felt the pain of typing with exceedingly long fingernails?!

Now, who feels better?

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