Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meet Dixie

I would like to introduce Dixie!  She is a little calico kitty that came to us while we were living at The Crayon Box.  While living in that little tiny trailer I would start to feel really closed in and decided we needed to go for walks every few evenings.  One one of these little walks around the neighborhood this little ball of fluff with a really big attitude followed us all the way home.  The Rooster with his really big heart couldn't stand the crying anymore so went in and got her a little bowl of something to eat.  This little thing had officially adopted us.  We waited for awhile to see if she was going to stick around and after about 2 weeks we decided we needed to give her a name.  We thought Dixie was a rather fitting name since she came to us soon after we moved to Dixie. 

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