Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Anticipation

One of the things about moving is finding all those places that you had already searched out and found your favorite one of, things like a place to get coffee, or a really good thrift store, or which grocery store has the best prices or the best meat, and figuring out where to go for this and that.
One of the things I have been on the look-out for is a place to get fabric.  As much fun as it is to do the endless searching online it is even that much more fun to go and feel the fabric and look at it in it's natural light and see how it moves and imagine and plan out what you would do with this piece, or this bright green one over here, or look at how cute that pink one with the little dots all over it is, and ...
Well, I think my search might be over!  Two of the other ladies here on the circle and I headed on out to Jesup on Saturday in search of a fabric store I had heard about from a lady down at the farmer's market.  I am so glad we went!!  This is one of those fabric stores that has obviously been in business for quite some time.  They had tons of fabric and 90% of it was something I would like to take home with me!  They even had two pieces of linen which was exciting for me since I have been on the look-out for 100% linen for my bread-bags I sell on etsy.  I admit two pieces was not a huge selection but in a pinch I know where I can go.
I went in with a clear idea as to what I was buying the fabric for and I just needed to find the fabric that was in my head waiting to be a part of something I will eventually be putting rotary cutter to and then through my gorgeous sewing machine, shaping and molding it to something fun and exciting and new!
Well, I found that and then a few!

Well!? What do you think!?
Some will be used for a little baby blanket for a neighbor who is having a baby and some will be used to be put into a new doll blanket and I think some will just be going into my stash to be put aside until I find just the perfect thing to put it in!  I was so excited I washed it all last night and had it out trimming and ironing just so it will be ready when I am ready for it!
Needless to say I will be going back there in the future to be adding even more to my stash ... and maybe to get supplies for some future project just waiting to come to life!

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