Friday, September 30, 2011

Moving Day

Finally, I finally have a home again; a home where I can unpack all of my things and settle in ... at least for the next three years.  It has been a long haul but my life is finally finally getting back to somewhat of a routine, it's a good thing too!
We spent six whole weeks at Happy Acres (AKA the Crayon Box) and we finally got our own home, but more on that later!
For today I would like to show you what I started with at the beginning of last week...
 This truck pulled up in front of our house with five pallets full of stuff! FIVE!!!  I couldn't believe we had that much stuff.  But sure enough all five pallets were full, and not only that but about an hour after this truck got here another truck pulled up behind it.  I had to ask if that was our stuff too or if they just happened to be in the area and they had come to help.  There was more stuff in that truck too!  It happened to only be my couches and my cupboard but still...
 I told them to just put all the boxes in this area thinking 35 boxes, eh, they would fit!  HA!  That was a laugh, they FILLED this area and then a little spilled over into a little hallway off the living room.
The first thing I unpacked of course was my kitchen, or rather I started on my kitchen and every time I thought I was done there would be another box or I would realize I was missing something else.  I came to realize there were as many boxes for the kitchen as there were boxes of tools from the shed.  Amazing I tell you!  But this little cupboard with all of my dishes was the first thing I actually got done with and I could stand back and say "aha! I am accomplishing something!"  Now for the rest of the house.
It is slowly coming together, I got my cupboard filled with my material and craft things today.  That was a pretty big accomplishment, the kids have as much crafting stuff as I do and that's saying something!  I find myself gravitating back toward Lowe's on a pretty regular basis, first for this, and then for this, and today it was for a shelf for my bathroom since I have absolutely no vanity space to put anything like my jar with a hair brush in it on.  I also needed the items to put the kids art projects up on their wall from school, I have a pile and they of course want to keep them and admire them for awhile.
So it is happening, I am getting my house put together and we will eventually settle in and make it feel like a home.  I will have to say this house is one of those that felt like home even before we had any of our stuff in it, maybe because it has been so long since I have had a home, or maybe it is just one of those that is special and can just make you feel at home.
So tomorrow the goal is shelves and art on the walls!  Here's to lots of pounding and screwing and leveling and rearranging and, oh ya!  I am going to coffee with one of my neighbors!

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