Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One of the Best things about Georgia

That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen!  These peaches are everything we have been told they are way out West!  They are juicy, they are firm, and most of all they are the perfect amount of sweet!  I have eaten peaches basically my whole life growing up.  My mother would get a whole box of peaches from the FBLA or the FCCLA (I can never remember which one sell them there) and we would eat on those things for weeks.  They were so good!
But these, oh, these peaches are divine!  These are possibly the best thing we have found about Georgia, the Georgia Peaches!  And they came from a local farmer!  Can life get any better for a little girl (and her Mama, oh and her Daddy too) who loves fruit above all else? 
I think not! 


  1. We would be oh so happy to try some way out west here. M

  2. Yummmmmm! Makes the somewhat hard and unripe nectarines I bought at the store yesterday look like a pretty poor substitute. :(