Monday, August 8, 2011

Hula Hoops

The kids and I had decided maybe they needed hula hoops, and we decided maybe we needed to use up a few items we had at the house; you know - reduce, reuse, recycle!
So if you have ever wanted to know how to make a hula hoop for yourself here's how:

Things you will need:
 A small PVC pipe, I think ours were 1/4 inch, but basically you need a small tube that can be bent around into a circle; we got ours at ACE Hardware (we started with 10 feet of pipe but decided that was too big so cut it down to 8 feet since the kids have such small hips.  We later determined that maybe 9 feet would have been the best so they didn't have to move their hips quite so fast when hula hooping)
 Colored electrical tape, any color of your choosing
And finally you will need a connector, this we also got at ACE Hardware.
Put the connector in one end of the pipe 
and pull the other end of the tube around and put it on the other end of the connector.  It should look similar to this when both ends are on.
And voila, you have a circle!
 Then you wrap it in your choice of tape,
 and wrap,
and wrap some more till the whole thing is covered.  
 And finally you practice and practice till you can move your hips just right to make that hula hoop spin around just right!

Hope you all have as much fun as we did making these, and even more fun hula hooping.
Happy Hula Hooping!!

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