Monday, April 4, 2011

A Tribute

I have spoken before of the local coffee shop here that we love and go to basically everyday.  The owner of Old Town Coffee has a rat ride.  In fact, my children have been in that particular ride and have pretended to drive it and pointed out that there were not seat belts in it yet and every time they saw it driving around town they would point and wave and generally we talked about it for weeks after they sat in it.  They think it is pretty cool!
Then imagine my surprise when we are driving down the street towards Diana's house and I happen to get a peek into one of the garages we are driving by.  I happened to notice this house before as they have two jeeps that sit parked out front and this particular hen house is big into jeeps.
Guess what was in that garage?!  You got it!

It was this super cool Rat Ride!  So we thought we would get a picture of it to show off to Jess and Nikki (owner and manager).

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