Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year again when I get the hankering to get the yard cleaned up and ready for all the playing that is to be done out there as the days slowly start to get warmer and actually stay warm.  As I looked out over the yard I saw a few branches and a few leaves in the bushes and things of that nature.  I thought this would not be too hard.  Man alive, apparently they were all hiding until I went out to get the rake because before I knew it we had a line of leaves and small twigs clear across the back yard that needed to be cleaned up and my arms were beginning to ache.  Luckily I had West, the man who has to work, I think he worked as hard as I did loading up leaves and things into their little wheel-barrow and wheeling it over to where we were making the pile outside of the fence for removal (The Rooster has his truck down in Texas with him so I either have to borrow one or leave the pile here when we leave, that is to be determined at a later date). 
Ruby had started out helping but I think she gave up about 5 minutes into it to go swing.  She randomly came over to see if she could put her raking skills to work but never lasted very long.

Who else has gotten out there to start their Spring Cleaning?! 

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  1. Sounds like hard work! I've gone out several times now to pick up the trash that blows into the yard, but it seems to multiply when I turn my back. :(