Wednesday, April 20, 2011


One of the things about being in separate places from the people you love for a long period of times is the communication barrier.  When you are used to having someone around on a regular basis, whether it be every night after work or every third week for a week at a time, you are still used to that and knowing that they will be there when you expect them to be. 

Once that person leaves and is not home when he or she is expected you have to find fun and inventive ways of keeping up the communication with them.  Now-a-days we have great resources such as the telephone which is no longer just a phone to pick up and hear the other person's voice.  Now we can use them for talking, texting, and even this great new thing called FaceTime!  We also have great things like email and Skype and any other number of ways of communication.

However, when you have small children those things only go so far.  The phone is great sometimes, if they are willing to talk or can even talk yet, texting and emailing is out of the question unless your child is old enough to read, all these inventive over the internet things are great but also only if the child is willing and sometimes the internet fails us on that one as well.  And of course all of these forms of communication only work if the child is not busy doing something else or just can't seem to stop acting silly when they see themselves talking on the computer (they can be easily distracted you know).

So in this house we have decided all those things are great, if West and Ruby are in the mood, but what we really enjoy here is putting our craft skills to work and then taking it down to the post office and letting our communication travel via the US Post Office!  How much fun for these two to put something together with paper and glue and paint and things, and put it in the envelope, and put the stamp on in just the right place, and then taking a trip down to the post office and putting it in that oh so mysterious slot in the wall. 
We only hope The Rooster likes getting mail as much as we like sending it!

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