Friday, April 1, 2011

In the Kitchen

One of the things I love about visiting Diana is that she knows how to cook good food, I always know I will eat well when I am there.  Plus there is one advantage, she is German and so she always introduces me to new and exciting, and very often very delicious, food.  For example, she introduced me to Rouladen (pronounced roolawdan) which is a delicious dish of thinly cut beef steaks smeared with stone ground mustard and sprinkled with salt and pepper and wrapped around a pickle that was first wrapped with bacon.  I know, it sounds odd right?  But trust me when I tell you it is absolutely delicious. 
So I knew going in that we would be fed good food and most likely introduced to something fun and new (I am always on the hunt to find new and exciting foods to make in my kitchen to try and stray away from the same 5 things we all tend to make our weekly meals).  This time though she not only showed us one new food but three!  That's right, we tried three different German meals.  She didn't cook them herself this time but rather she took us to a little German deli she has found near Ft Campbell that has some delicious food.
We will start with West's meal:
What you see before him is wiener-schnitzel.  According to Diana this is a small piece of pork that has been tenderized, breaded, and then fried.  There are different kinds of wiener-schnitzel such as the kind Diana had that had a mushroom gravy over the top which was also very delicious. 
Then we have Ruby's plate of goodness:
This is spaetzle, this was basically small dumplings (that looks a lot like little noodles) that was covered in a brown gravy.  Also very delicious.  The ketchup is not normally part of the dish but if there is something to dip in to then Ruby will inevitably find it and start dipping (what can I say, she is a dipper).
Then we come to the dish I ordered:
Now I will admit this was not a typical German dish but it was on the menu and it looked mighty tasty and basically everything else had been ordered by others at the table so I thought I would go for it. 
I had Hungarian goulash.  I actually make goulash in my kitchen quite often but this was a different type of goulash but this goulash was might tasty all the same!

And yes, I did try a bite of everyone's food at the table!


  1. Yummm...I think I will have goulash for supper!

  2. I can remember a local restaurant near the base in Germany where Ronda lived that had a Thursday night special of wiener-schnitzel. Hadn't thought of that in ages...but darn that Thursday night special was good.