Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At the Airport

For the past three weeks we have been out gallivanting the country!  We started our trip in Cheyenne, WY visiting the much loved Scarlett, and of course her mom and dad!  We were there for about three days before we headed on down to Denver, CO to fly out of the HUGE Denver International Airport.  If you will remember the last airport we were at was when we dropped the Rooster off and that airport would fit in the drop-off area our front of DIA.  Once we navigated the check-in and found our terminal we finally made it to the gate where our very own plane would be picking us up.

We managed to find a seat right by the windows so these two could watch the goings on down below us on the tarmac.

 West was particularly interested in these crazy little carts that haul all the luggage around pulled by these little trucks.  If you look closely you can see one of the trucks attached to the cart on the far left.

We were there for quite awhile before we could get on so we spent our time wandering around the terminal and stopping to get a drink and a snack and pick up a few magazines for us all to read on our 2 hour flight.
But eventually we got to go through that little door that leads to this walk-way we had been looking at for 2 hours, and step onto our plane that would fly us across the country to go visit our friend I originally met at Ft Hood, TX when the Rooster was stationed there his first go-round with active duty. 
Have I mentioned that Frontier Airlines gives out free warm chocolate chip cookies on their flights?!  That's enough to make me fly them again!

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