Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inagural Ride

For Christmas Santa brought these two lucky chicks brand new bikes!  West is a ridin' fool and LOVES to ride!  He even wants to ride uptown in the dead of winter with three feet of snow on the ground and freezing temperatures that makes your nose-hairs to themselves.  Yes, I know!  He is crazy!  However the sidewalk in the front of our house is the only place to ride without me having to get on my bike and ride with him.  Unfortunately it has been covered in a thick sheet of ice all winter, or at least since Christmas.  So this past week before the below freezing temperatures set in it actually warmed up enough here that we were able chip the ice off the sidewalk and the two riders were able to set on their maiden voyage. 

West of course was riding riding riding!  Those puddles were just too much to resist.  Ruby is kind of new in the two (four)-wheeled department and she is a bit afraid of the "tippy" as she puts it. 
So, she caught a ride on the back of the tricycle her cousin Scarlett was riding!
Then West thought maybe it looked like fun so he needed a ride too!

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  1. LOVE Ruby's outfit in the last two photos. So cute!