Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Workin' Man

Don't ever let it be said that my son is not a worker!  In fact, my son is one of those kids that HAS to work.  This past week we were at my sister's house for Thanksgiving.  I am looking over these pictures and I am amazed, once again, at my son.  Now, I know he works and works hard but sometimes I forget just how hard he works, it's a case of you see it everyday you kind of forget.

It actually started the night before Thanksgiving.  I was making a pie crust mix when who should walk in and see me hard at work?  You got it, West! So I handed the reigns over to him and let him have at it.

It is almost as if he has this sixth sense that he can tell when there is something going on in the kitchen.  Thursday morning he hears Aunt Elizabeth out there working and in he strolls.  She happens to be getting the turkey ready to put into the oven.  He jumped right in and showed us all how it was done.

Then he is doing the dishes,

and hauling in a sack of potatoes that I think weighed as much as he does, or darn close anyway!

He did manage to take a little rest here with Grandpa to read a book or two while waiting for Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff and of course

their dog Harley (you do know he is part dog, right?).

And then for supper one of the nights (since by this point I think we all needed something besides turkey in our systems) he helps Grandma make tortillas.  That darling little girl eating the flour is my niece Scarlett!  Isn't she a cutie?

So looking over these pictures I am once again reminded of what a great kid I have in this one!  And I would like it to be known - I Love a Workin' Man!!!


  1. I love it. Though I was not there.

  2. He WAS a great helper! I think that turkey turned out so well because of his expert assistance! Thanks, West!

  3. I missed it too. I was lonely for all of you all day Thanksgiving day. Izak said to me today it has been way too long since we have seen your sisters and their families. Funny kid. But I agree. ~R