Friday, November 5, 2010

Garden Bed to Construction Site

 Recently we put our garden bed to bed! We had a wonderful crop this year of peppers and oh so many purple carrots and red beets and spinach and a huge harvest of tomatoes (thank you late fall).  We spent so much time out there building and planting and tending and picking and eating and everything else you can think of to do in a garden.  The kids loved it and I of course loved it as well; and don't tell anyone but I think my husband enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did.

Then my kids, in an attempt to help me finish cleaning everything out, decided they needed some heavier equipment to really get the job done - out came the dirt digger and the trucks.  Lo-and-behold my garden bed is no longer a bed used for growing those oh-so-yummy vegetables, it is now a very convenient construction site.  What wonderful dirt to dig in - nice and soft and perfect for little humans to work in.  It is a constant discussion as to why that particular dirt has to stay in the bed but all-in-all what a great way for these two to fill their afternoons!

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  1. I think I can almost see China down in that hole!